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Our FourSquare

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let the tiling begin...after the stud additions, leveling of this and that, and so on...

Yikes! There's lots to accomplish before you can add tile - including gaining knowledge and nerve.

First, studs had to be added because the PO didn't believe in 16" centers apparently.

Then we had to get them level - shimming, unshimming and so on.

And so this is how we finally got the tub to be level----shhhhhhhh - don't tell!

Love the Kerdi!  It really is a great project - but you have to be FAST!!!!!  We did wet down both the drywall and CBB, but it still dried quickly.

Next, drywall, cement backer board - what??? drywall behind a shower - that's what Kerdi says - the orange water proof
membrane we installed - after putting up the drywall and cement backer board.

Here is the making of the story stick - so we could see where the tiles would lay out.

And this is another way to see how the tiles lay out - this is Chuck's preference so he can just SEE IT!!!  If you look closely there's our planned for niche - It was gonna be so cool!  We just felt we weren't at this leveling of tiling or Kerdi waterproofing to do this yet - maybe upstairs.
The installation of the bathroom exhaust fan.  Fun Stuff!
According to Schluter-Kerdi we could have put drywall behind all of it, but we had already purchased the CBB and so we decided to use some of each - mix it up a bit.

Then there was the stress of - do we put in a niche or do we not - after much "debate" over how to do it, we opted for no niche - you know they make some lovely shower organizers these days that will work just fine.  A niche would be nice - but not this time.

So the Kerdi is up - wait a week or 2 or .... maybe it was 4 or 5 and we finally decided tiling time had arrived!!  Woot Woot

It was a learning experience - but overall I think it turned out ok.  I do want to give a big thanks!!! to the humans on the John Bridge Tile Forum who helped get me headed in the right direction and feeling like I could do it and helping me figure out which thinset to use.
Putting up mosaic on mesh backing is not near as easy as they make it look on TV!!
I do really like these spacers!  Pretty easy to use and easy to remove - for the most part!

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