Our FourSquare

Our FourSquare

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Paint, stain, scrape, paint, caulk....

Let's talk about the paint.  We have chosen beige - what a fabulous color!  It turns grey, brown, tan. Love it!  Trying to decide on the type of paint - eggshell or satin.  It's for the bathroom.  I tend to be a lover of flat paint because it doesn't show issues.  The sample we purchased - that I had to mix myself because the woman in the Big Blue L store was apparently unable / unwilling to mix it.  So I shook that little container of paint from Monett to Aurora.  Finally the bottom of the container was the paint color instead of white.  I know I could have waited until we got home - but where's the fun in that? The samples are only sold in satin and I kinda liked the look of it.  I didn't take pictures of it yet, sorry.  What I've read says to use satin in the bathroom because it cleans up better, is more scrubbable.

It's called
Lyndhurst Gallery Beige
Valspar  It really doesn't seem that dark in reality.

We will be putting wainscot up and it will be a shade of cream/white.  It looks like it matches the tile - so hopefully that's the outcome. 

I can't wait until we can get this room finished!!  It's so close - bet yet the list is sooooooooo long.

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