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Our FourSquare

Monday, September 7, 2015

Oh gmail, how you stress me...

Somehow I've messed up my accounts associated with my blog and haven't been able to get in. UGH!!!

Progress has been slow. We've found the type of crown we should be putting back into the house so it's accurate with the rest of the trim in the house - classic craftsman. Woohoo!

Classical Craftsman from Windsor One

Now we're trying to figure out how to attach the picture molding to the outside walls. Any good ideas?  We have plaster attached to brick. There isn't any wood within the brick other than where the windows are located. We may just attach the picture molding lower than we originally intended, I'm just not sure what that will look like.

We (Chuck) have been fixing the smaller cracks in the plaster in the dining room. There are too many ways to do it the one and only right way! Those of you doing this as well know exactly what I'm talking about. We were originally going to try to do lime plaster, but we were unable to find the type of lime needed. We ended up deciding to use drywall mud. We'll see how it goes.

What can anyone tell me about painting old lime? Again, many, many authorities explaining how, but none of them match. Do we use an oil-based primer first? Does it not really matter? We are both in our 50's. UGH!! But anyway - at this point - I just want it to last - say 50 years - being an optimist. Someone else can worry about it after that.

We did find a fireplace mantel that we've put in the living room for our faux fireplace / air return ducts. It looks great. We found tile that we are okay with. It was not our original intention - but it's beautiful. We did finally find the tile we wanted when we were looking for other tile - after we bought the green marble tile. Of course - but that's okay. I think this is going to be wonderful. I'll see about adding some pics.

Above is the fireplace we found to create the faux fireplace for our air return ducts for the central heat / air.

Below is a picture of the dinning room.

It seems as though the POs just painted straight onto the plaster and it seems to have stuck.

We pulled all the wall paper off the walls. It had substantial water damage. Don't tell, but I kinda liked the pattern. Just saying.  Below is a picture of some of the paper before removal. We've kept a large chunk of it and I'd like to use it as a mat for some pictures in the future. Realize I peeled the green paint off the wallpaper in order to save it; there was also another layer of wallpaper on top of this wallpaper. This paper was attached directly to the plaster.

So after removing all the paint and paper - sometimes - fortunately all together at times - I spent hours using various buckets and cleaning vinegar, hot water, scrub brushes, scrub pads and clean rags to remove wallpaper glue residual, dirt, gunk, etc. Now, overall we have smooth, white plaster walls, with the exception of where there was water damage from unfixed leaks. Fix leaks immediately. Water is very bad when it comes to your home!

Then we hit a stopping point - as previously mentioned - trying to determine the proper (longest lasting) method of fixing cracks, etc.

Next - or coinciding - will be paint removal from the trim. Any thoughts? This we have also researched forever - to see how to do it in the least damaging manner and safest. Not sure those go together. So - hopefully we'll just go with something and be done prior to Thanksgiving. 

I so look forward to the gathering at Thanksgiving time! LOVE IT!!!! I'm hoping to have the dining room finished.

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