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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A few other pic finds from 2017...

Going back through my pictures - these are all from 2017 - I found a few that I don't think I have posted related to the house. Here they are:

April 2017 All the lovely tools we've used for the various tiling jobs around the house!

These next few pics are from the attic - looking for the cause of the leaking.

Found it!

Mhm - yep!

This is what was under the paint, that was under the wallpaper, that was under some more wallpaper!

This was using a heat gun and the Speedheater and just scraping.

Tried some chemical stripper - this stuff scares me!

This wasn't actually caused by the rain leaking in at the fireplace because of the craptastic job the roofer did with putting on the flashing. No, my friends, this is 100% related to pipes that no longer connect that were used for the drain for the mini-split system. Guess we should have checked that out! Ooops!

Painting the ceiling and priming the walls to cover up the gold and blue! Although - the colors kind of grow on you after a while - a long while - but looking back - I kinda like them! LOL

New color scheme!

IDK - maybe showing how you can line things up against any flat surface.

Painting again - to fix the water damage after having to replaster.

Which - huh - still need to tape and paint a crisp line on this! Totally forgot!

Things can get quite messy when you are restoring!

White walls - it looks like there is writing on the wall - weird hadn't noticed that before. I hope it doesn't say "Get Out"! I'll be enlarging this as soon as I finish typing this caption and post this! Yikes!!!! - Nope - it's just the blue paint showing through. If you enlarge this picture at the top you can see the awesome Greek Key that was a gold color. Unfortunately it didn't work out to salvage it. We did try to figure out how to do that, it just wasn't working out. I wish we could have save it!

December 2017 - Santa is waiting for the Christmas parade to begin!

Making of the Graham Cracker Ginger Bread houses 2017! Audrey's is especially nice with her fine detail.

See the jar of ginger on the top? That's my mom's "Ginger" bread house. Guess what it is made out of? Bread - can you see the slice on top?

Chuck and his mom, Lu (Guadalupe).

Chuck's cousin Kathy on the right.

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