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Sunday, April 21, 2013

And now The Continuation.....

We left the BigBox - brick molding in hand - and a door sweep, and a new threshold at the proper width PLUS some of the frustration we brought in with us - we left it there - hopefully no one will decide to take it with them (it was kinda ugly!)

Arrived back to our lovely home with the new floor at the back door - put the old threshold back in for now, covered the door with the tar paper instead of the sweep - we now have 2 of these and called it a night, went to the DD's and family and spent the rest of the evening being entertained by the grand baby - she's such a welcome sight! Another plus? They have running water.  Sorry, I do miss that fabulous innovation!  Maybe next week????

Sunday morning...LET'S DO THIS!!!!! New day and everything is great!  Alright...so....storm door....look at nothing else - don't do it!  We put the brick molding in place on the outside of the door jam - well, that doesn't look to bad. 

I know - we need to restore this some day - but right now, stopping the rain from coming in is first and foremost! Look at that - we did get the hinge piece on the right direction, 1 for us despite the horrid directions - they even have diagrams - but  you still can't - without a doubt - tell which direction that piece goes.

Anyway, now, take the hinge piece back off after the pre-drilling to the door. We attached it to the brick molding - no problem. Time to attach the door to the hinge piece - OK, good.  Attach the other side - what? Wouldn't it be easier to cut out for the latch now?  No, OK...that's all the depth it needs? Alright....we'll see. 

Hey, the door closes - no problems, insert the little piece that goes in the latch hole - WOW! I can't believe that works - but it does! I'll take a pic later to show you. Crazy! OK - now for the top part of the door frame (door frame - really? OK - but it works).  Well, hmmm, yep, we made the decision to put brick molding there and then we will put some decorative wood piece or glass above it like a transom window down the road.   Alright - yep - this is going to work too!  Still, something is going to go a miss, isn't it? 

Continuing on - the brick molding is in place above the door, attach the rest of the door frame to it - still closes perfectly.  *wipe sweat from brow.  We decided to use some of our older, weathered plywood for now for the missing 8 inches above the door.  Ya know, that door looked regular height - I guess when things are always so far above you, you tend to not notice how far above you - this door actually should've been 88" - so that will be something we put on our search for list in the restoration category.  Any thoughts anyone? 

So - continuing on - DH caulked the door, trim, transom area, etc. I'm really wanting to become skilled with the caulk gun - maybe someday...sigh 

Scaper looks like this...have you seen it?
A little more scraping needed - rut roe (love Scooby Doo, don't you - always that right response at times like this) Small Project turned into Taking Up Our Whole Weekend Project. So - no problem - even though it is Chuck's favorite scraper / do anything tool and now mine, as well.  Chuck has a cow magnet on a string that will fish this puppy right outta there - next time we come!  Don't worry scraper, we'll get you out!
DH accidentally loses grip on the scraper, listen... - "ting" - now it's under the breakfast room - it fell between the very small opening between the steps and the breakfast room / used to be porch - so yeah - there's this opening that was covered up with by a wooden step that was also removed at the beginning of this
At the time of the falling - the floor was completely recovered with new wood. Scraper fell between the board and concrete on the right side - really???

Next, we(read Chuck) must attach the storm door closers (yes - that is the proper term - who knew - just looked it up) to the door.  I will learn how to use these power tools - but this is not a first project for a beginner. I did; however, help screw a board into place yesterday! 

Attaching the closers was a tad difficult with the gale force wind coming through the kitchen - as another blogger had mentioned - architects back in the day did know how to design a house with proper ventilation and natural cooling - what a wonderful breeze comes through the house.  Shutting the door into the kitchen quickly solved this problem and we are back on track. 

Hey - there's the new lock on the back door!
Closers on, time to finish putting the trim on the trim (not a typo - there's trim for the trim) so it looks seamless.  DH says - here's this piece that goes on the bottom - ummmmm - clearly I need to be the one that reads the directions so we follow the sequence. Definitely an anecdote to share with 6th graders on how you will use sequence of events in your life! LOL Unscrew the frame again - still not going on - you know what? It looks fine without that doesn't it? Yep. 

Next? UGH - there's one for the other side too and if we don't add it - that's going to catch pant legs, legs, etc.  Well - what's the deal?  This one slid right up there!  Sooooooo - I guess - like that silver thing under the radiator - I'll work on this another time - by myself - it'll go on.  We step back, admire our work and agree - we are not looking at anything else - the electric and plumbing must be first and foremost now!!!!


The plan for our next work weekend: replacement of knob-and-tube wiring - which has been the plan for Day 1, from Day 1 - but - truly when you have water coming in from everywhere - that does need fixed first!

The next post will be about snipping and pulling. Hmmmmmmm...................

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