Our FourSquare

Our FourSquare

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Everything's turning up.....FLOWERS!

Just thought I'd post the variety of flowers at our house that have bloomed after being under cover for a VERY long time . . .

This wall paper is located in the first bedroom upstairs.  The bedroom has a door from the hallway and it has a closet.  It also has a door that goes into what we think is the master bedroom.  Our guess is that this room was a nursery.  What's anybody's thought about this that has some background knowledge for old homes.  I've searched the internet, but have not found a plan like this house.
This is my favorite - if I could find it I would consider putting it back up!

You can also see some of the more recent paper that was very cute that was for a nursery - little bears and pastel green.  However, we are not in need of a nursery - so the room shall probably just be a bedroom.  We've thought of various uses - haven't decided yet for sure.

Same room - it's what was a nursery - I'm not sure of the original purpose.
This wall paper is in the room that is directly located by the back stair case and is over the kitchen.  It has short walls with an opening into each side for storage.  On top of this is a baseball - green board painted looking wall paper and some aqua paint and some white paint in some places.
This is kinda pretty also - but I'm the only one with that opinion.
 This is located in what we think is the dining room.  It is under a layer of paint and I think another wall paper - but I haven't been able to get just paint off to reveal the top wall paper.  I'm sure this was very grand in its day!
Ummm - yeah - well there's this...

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