Our FourSquare

Our FourSquare

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Bathroom Painter

 Our painter showed up, armed with not just 1 but TWO paintbrushes, her painting clothes and a smile that brightens the universe!  She is highly skilled and I would recommend her to anyone.

Look at the wonderful technique!
We gave her a red solo cup with about 2 inches of paint in the bottom and this brush and she did quite a good job honestly - especially for a 2 year old.  I don't think she got any paint on her clothes.  She had a bit on her hands, but not very much!  Probably less than I.  She painted that whole wall up to where she could reach!
This is one of the items still left on the 2 page list...UGH!

This is now completed, but no pics yet. Stay tuned.

Love plastic with the tape attached!

From this pic you can see the exposed brick.  You can also see it in the picture of the painter, Emma.  At the base we are going to put back some plaster so the baseboard won't look odd.

This is the vanity mirror.  We added a door header as the base to extend the height of the mirror off the vanity (dresser). I think the finished project looks fantastic.  At first we thought about putting tile or a beveled mirror piece on the bottom of it - but I think I like it just fine without that.

The beginnings of the built-in for the main bath.

Tub/shower with its lovely new tile surround.  The tilers did an excellent job!  The shower curtain rod has been fabricated by Chuck. I love it!

With the Shower curtain - obviously, LOL

The Billings flea market baseboard.  Looks like it is close to original for the house.

And...the final look. Dresser/mirror - flea market - stripped of original veneer, new veneer glued in place, new knobs added (we have since put on glass knobs - I love these but they are shiny brass and I thought when I ordered them they were antique brass - perhaps there's a way to antique the brass), sink, faucet, door header, new wainscot, flea market baseboard and there you have it, easy peezy, lemon squeezy!


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    1. Thank you! It was, it is, but it keeps us off the streets and out of trouble, so to say. I have some more pics to upload of the pre-vanity and the finished toilet area, etc. Probably tomorrow.

    2. Just looked at your blog, bootsie123. It's a blog I've looked at quite a bit. Love your blog and your house!


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