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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Built-In...

Chuck found these really cool old cabinet doors and we had to do something with them, so....
we made a cabinet above the toilet and a built-in linen/etc. cabinet.

The beginnings of the cabinet above the toilet.  See the DH on the ladder? He's amazing!  A big thank you goes to Jared for allowing us to borrow the ladder we bought for him.  It's a great ladder, if only it were lighter!

Here's the beginning of the built-in.  We (me) originally planned to stain the back, but decided it would look better painted white.

This is the door above the toilet. It had originally been painted several times.  The last coat was a yellowy white.  I scraped and sanded and still the chips show through.  We should have just gone ahead and used paint remover.  It may happen someday - but for now, it's fine.

This one didn't have paint on it.  Which brings me to a conversation about paint today.  Add the lead back in! OK...probably not, but geeze!

Old window, scraped and painted.  Probably should have re-glazed, but it will be fine - it makes it look more authentic, right?

Getting closer to done....not a fan of this paint!
Notice the top of both cabinets.  Chuck fabricated them to resemble the original medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom.

We think this bath might have been originally used only by the maid.  The original owners had several live in maids over the years. I have their names on ancestry.com. I'll look them back up and add them to this post.

The original bath was quite a bit smaller.  The tub is quite narrow. Originally it was scooted closer to the toilet by 8-12 inches.  There was a built-in on the other side from what we could tell.  We believe that room was the original dining room.  This room was most likely the maid's bathroom and a butler's pantry based on the various things we found when we gutted the bath.

Where we put the built-in linen cabinet was a doorway into the kitchen.  We thought about re-establishing the door way and then decided against it to keep the larger bathroom size and give more privacy for the bathroom.  Where the sink is, it looked like there was shelving and cabinets or possibly a dry sink.  Not really sure.  I thought we'd taken pics of it, but right now I haven't located them.

Almost finished, just need to add the bottom piece.  See the hardware?  I followed Nichole's advice from "Rehab Addicts" and cooked them in the Crock Pot for a while.  The paint did come off fairly easily! 

New hinges. The knob we found in an antique shop in Marshfield.

The finished cabinet.  Waiting for the paint to fully cure before leaving the doors closed.

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