Our FourSquare

Our FourSquare

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Check in.

Progress is slow as of late. Between flu and respiratory issues neither one of us have felt much like using the steamer in the "Gold Room" to do what should have been done before we started on any of the rest of it. It has stepped up to be what we must do next so we can make some progress, put to use the architectural salvage we are storing. That just seems like the best idea.

Another project is the planning for HVAC in the upstairs of the house. It's time to call our favorite HVAC people and see what options they can provide. I'm kinda wondering about a mini-split system for upstairs. They seemed to have come a long way and would certainly take up less space. We also need to get the wood trim on the outside painted AND we must find someone who is a knowledgeable and capable brick mason who understands tuck-pointing an old home with soft brick.

So much fun! It really is - it's just stressful finding someone who is trustworthy when we have to hire something out - like the masonry work.

Sadly there still seems to be reminders of Christmas around the house - sadly only because it needs put away - or maybe just have a Christmas house. I guess that could be an option as well. Christmas around the year. Hmmmmm. Maybe each year can have a theme decoration - one year Christmas all year, one year Easter all year - etc. I'll have to think about this. Maybe it could become a thing - like No-shave November.

Just thinking about all this - I need to sleep.

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